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Hi! I am a Japanese woman, mother, musician,  artist, and peace activist.
But most importantly,  I am Human.

With this book, Human Handbook, you will learn to approach problems in a unique way
that is both simple and revolutionary.

Human speaks of the fact that we are all part of the human race first,
and members of a nation state second.

My husband, John Lennon, once said:

“Once we realize we are all the same people,
we are all of the same earth,
then we can just get on with it.”

I love this statement.

This book, Human Handbook, is all about that. 
It is clear that if people focus on the things they have in common
instead of the things that divide them,
there would be more peace in the world.

Human Handbook is a handbook for the young.

Through utilizing art, music and the written word,
it helps the youth of our society to have a clear vision of what the world can be.

Together with our children, let’s enjoy the journey of exploration
into the future with this beautiful, fun and wise book, Human Handbook.

I’m with you! Love,

yoko ono ’06

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we are human
we are human

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